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The first Morris Minors arrived in showrooms back in 1948, powered by a pre-war sidevalve engine and featuring the low-set headlights that identify the earliest cars. It would be another five years or so before the light commercial variants of the Minor theme would be offered, both van and pickup debuting in 1953, taking over from models such as the Morris Z, which wasn't offered in pick-up form. Unlike the monocoque saloons, the pickups and vans had a sturdy separate chassis, onto which the cabs and rear bodies were bolted. This also allowed the Minor chassis to be readily adapted to other roles by outside coachbuilders, as was possible with rival manufacturer's LCVs (light commercial vehicles).

The pickup could be purchased with an optional tonneau cover or a full height tilt (frame and canvas cover). If the vehicle was to be bodied straightaway by an outside firm, the cab and chassis could be purchased without a rear body fitted. As with the car, the Morris Quarter Ton pickup benefited from rack and pinion steering and torsion bar suspension, giving it a driving quality leagues ahead of many of its rivals, some of which had changed little since the pre-war years. The OHV 803cc A Series engine was also a worthy little performer, already proven in other BMC products by this time.

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6/8cwt light commercial vehicles - LCV
The early pickups featured the 'cheese grater grille', but this was to change late in 1954 when the Minor range received a mild facelift. The split screen remained (for now anyway), but the dash was revised and the slatted grille, which would remain til the end of Minor production, was introduced. In 1956 a further raft of changes was introduced, most important perhaps being the introduction of the improved A Series engine, now in 948cc guise. The split windscreen was now a thing of the past, in line with changes made to the contemporary Minor 1000 saloons. The pickup was still rated at a quarter ton, or 5cwt. This engine provided forward motion for a further six years, until late 1962 when the enlarged 1098cc engine found its way under the pickup's curvy bonnet. Interesting to note - the bonnet fitted to the Minor commercials didn't feature the side moulding, continuing from the door panels, that was used on the saloon. See how many restored pickups have saloon bonnets fitted to them!!!

But back to 1962 - the extra ooomphh offered by the 1098 engine meant that the quoted maximum payload could now be extended from 5 to 6cwt, the separate chassis being more than capable of coping with these loads. The Quarter Ton branding was now replaced by a new, Morris 6 cwt Series III, title for the light Morris commercial models, reflecting this change. In 1968 the rear suspension was beefed up, allowing Morris dealers to offer an 8cwt version for those needing to cart heavier payloads in their business.

Shortly after the introduction of the 8cwt truck option, Morris was absorbed into the British Leyland empire. By this time badge engineering was in full flow, and it was decided that an Austin-badged version of the Minor commercials would be a good idea. Apart from the grille, badging, and hubcaps it was the same vehicle as the Morris. Production of both pickup models continued until 1971.

Today, the Morris Minor pickup is one of the most sought-after light commercials in the classic world. Excellent parts availability, both used and secondhand, coupled with a sea of specialists means that finding spares shouldn't be a problem in the future. Several clubs support owners with their Morris pickups, providing re-manufactured parts and advice as necessary to keep these handy utilities running properly.

A complete site about these useful Morris Minors will be put live shortly. I would be interested in buying a complete and original unrestored pickup, either Austin or Morris badged, if there is one for sale out there?

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